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Psychedelic Painter - Drip Art icon
Psychedelic Painter - Drip Art
Become the next Pollock-inspired artist with this fun and messy drip paint app!
Scribblify Paint Draw & Doodle icon
Scribblify Paint Draw & Doodle
Let your creativity run wild with Scribblify! Paint imaginative art in seconds.
Fingerlize! Lie Detector Scan icon
Fingerlize! Lie Detector Scan
Can this app detect a lie by analyzing your finger movement? Interactive fun!
iTrippin Fun Optical Illusions icon
iTrippin Fun Optical Illusions
Visually warp and distort the world around you with powerful optical illusions!
Pixelmate: Retro Pixel Effects icon
Pixelmate: Retro Pixel Effects
Convert your photos into vintage video game console and computer graphics!