DFNDR Security: Antivirus, Anti-hacking & Cleaner APK

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DFNDR is one of the top Android virus cleaners available
It is fully compatible with all Android platform based devices such as Boost Mobile. DFNDR (pronounced Defender) is more than just a simple virus cleaner; it’s a complete security suite dedicated to keeping your device safe from malware that is often installed through spam as well as acting as a phone cleaner to optimize functionality. Unique features such as Applock add another layer of security to individual apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger while Total Charge tracks battery usage. Anti Hacking protects passwords and blocks phishing attempts by hackers. DFNDR is one of the best virus protection and security apps on the market and recently received a top-rating from the AV-Test Institute for its virus protection, applock and phone cleaner features.

Virus Protection & Anti Theft – Stay Safe and Secure
Keep your Android safe and secure with DFNDR’s free virus protection. Scan for viruses contracted through spam, malicious content and infected apps using virus cleaner feature. Remove viruses and malware, and maintain your privacy with our mobile security system and tools such as Applock. Applock can protect sensitive content even if your phone is unlocked. Take advantage of our spyware removal feature and keep your phone in the best possible condition. Log into our online mobile tracker and use our anti theft security service to locate your phone if it is stolen.

Anti Hacking- Protect Your Passwords and Sensitive Data
Identity theft is a growing threat on the internet. Stay protected from malicious sites that hackers use to attempt to steal passwords and other credentials. Anti Hacking blocks bogus websites and alerts the user to other potential malware used in phishing scams.

Total Charge & Memory Booster – The Need for Speed
DFNDR does more than protect against viruses! This Android booster helps you use your battery charger less with our newest Total Charge feature. Total Charge will monitor battery life and notify you once your battery is fully charged to prevent overcharging. Use Memory Booster to free up RAM and save battery power by closing apps that run in the background such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat that heat up your CPU.

Clear Your Cache & Junk Files – Keep it Clean
Viruses aren’t the only thing that can slow your phone down! In addition to the security features, use our free cleaner to keep your phone’s cache clear by eliminating junk files using DFNDR: Antivirus & Cleaner with a single click. Remove unwanted apps with our App Manager.

Additional security features to keep your Android safe:
★Intruder Selfie – take a picture of anyone that snoops on your phone.
★ WhatsApp Cleaner – clean your WhatsApp spam and junk media and audio files with one simple click.
★ Go ads free- Subscribe and use the app and all of its features without advertising (VERSION 4.0+).

Make the most out of your Android! DFNDR: Antivirus & Cleaner will improve performance and make your phone perform like brand new. Monitor battery life, clean out junk files, and utilize virus cleaner, Anti Theft, Anti Hacking, Applock and other security features– DFNDR truly is the defender of your Android device!

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