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# 2.5.7 Update

Did you ever know that you plug the earphone in the state is also possible to watch the video through the speakers?
Tight hidden features are now at ease in viewing the screen has been set to enable additional functionality that was!
Try pressing the speaker button that appears after you touch the screen while watching video ~

T- thanks to your support hot-commerce? Shopping entity? This channel has been added!
Enjoy the clean uncluttered UI And there is also updated with exciting shopping in the smart DMB 2.5.7 ~ ^^

in the Private Offering smart DMB Membership Co Shopping Service Ice open!
, We do not know, miss kkiriman seconds to bargain jointly purchase SNS Shopping Service
right. Only balls. Discount shopping ^^

# 2.5.4 Update

finally, the new channels have been added to the smart DMB !!
T- commerce channel 5 (GS MY SHOP, Hyundai Home Plus, CJ O Shopping Plus, Kshopping, Wshopping,) you can watch from your smart DMB.
If you are a favorite thing of the hall, press agent / ARS / Buy Now button, you can easily shop.
Dropped worried NO! The new additions T--commerce channel is 100% streaming channels. (3G / LTE data depleted during viewing)

of the various Smart DMB services will continue to ask for your love!

# Touch TV Update
is back under your TV with the touch of hot love is an upgrade !! (Jjakjjakjjak!)
- Search feature added
Smart DMB operator ttwat a selection of suggested search If you want to see the video of the query / Pokettokoirumattoresu Bulletin! The video list chwak!
Now find I need hemael -

- Program Details page creation
himssen women Do Bongsun father is strange radio stars such as I'm having fun watching choose the program that you want to see ssokssok ~ ♡ (# )
until the day the media will continue to be the strongest! All the time ~! I will try to have a smart DMB.

# The highlight of the broadcast viewing wondering this item? If you're curious touch! Touch TV

heroine pretty st coat appeared in the drama, the man needs to find a nice st hemael shoes of the hero anymore daetcheu Nono!
If the drama Touch, wonder of the entertainment highlights at least in watching TV product, touch !!
, You can enjoy watching the broadcast highlights and shopping at the same time!

Terrestrial three companies (KBS, MBC, SBS) / comprehensive channels (JTBC, Channel A, MBN, TV Chosun) / cable highlight clip
Now let 's enjoy at the same time with real-time broadcasting in smart DMB ~! !

# We are in touch Drama Item # shopping purchases ppomppu ppumppum #'ll never miss #TV

# data worry-free live TV app
(Normal viewing the data free / High Quality Similar media services compared to 60% savings when viewing the data!)
to popular cable program!
, Terrestrial and cable entertainment:??? 'Infinite Challenge', '1 Night 2 Days', 'Running Man', etc., as well as three major terrestrial longevity entertainment JTBC know Brother, please take care of my refrigerator? Such as cable programs to talk of the town!
, Home shopping channels: GSSHOP, Lotte Shopping, Hyundai Home Shopping, CJ O Shopping, homaen available while watching a channel from 5 to shopping!
The Korea Economic TV: Channel building smart information from the Securities Investor live broadcasts economy, finance, entertainment, and more!

# Recording Update!
Now I want to see drama, entertainment, sports and bonbang Do not upset the shooter did ~
you want to see the program as a touch first time in my phone !! (Cross good thing -)
spy for watching a terrestrial, comprehensive channels to channel more and more smart DMB ~ !!

# High-definition support
If you've felt dissatisfied with low quality manufacturers DMB, now you can watch high-definition TV on mobile with smart DMB.
* Samsung Galaxy S3 since the release of the terminal, LG Electronics G4, Class, Pantech limited support available for the latest devices
* high-definition capabilities similar streaming services compared to the data 60% savings during use

more Smart DMB if you are wondering? ☞ OK!

# National Security Service stations
Security 韓 -TV: to provide a variety of emergency / safety information, including disaster accident prevention, safety behavior skills, coping tips.

# Provides schedule function
What time did you wonder what today's program?
Please check the schedule for each channel of the friendly Smart DMB.

# Channel-specific additional information-in feature
while watching a travel program that allows you to check the relevant travel information, a virtual trip in Mobile, etc.
smart to provide specific additional information only smart DMB function TV Please watch.

# Home Shopping Direct call feature
by pressing only one button to complete the order of the home shopping channel see now!
For an easy and convenient way to shop smart DMB.

# Watch Now, do not miss the broadcast alarm
you want to see a channel subscriptions.

◈ This service is available from at least Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
◈ This service is service using the DMB receiver. Jusigeona sure to unplug the drive, please insert the earphone antenna.
(Some terminals do not have a DMB receiver will not be used.)