• Current version: 1.0
  • Requires android: 7.0
  • Date published: Oct 20, 2018
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Installs: 10 - 50
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The description of MeetWeUp

MeetWeUp enables you to meet-up with family and associates at a meeting point. You get the direction to the meeting point by sending your location to one of the member at the meeting point and get the direction which you can view in google map.

MeetWeUp is secure and easy to use. The app uses instant messaging technology to deliver requests in near real time, it also uses the revolutionary google play services, firebase cloud messaging and android room database to store your request on your handset for future references.

First step on installation is to register your mobile number by following descriptive simple steps.

To be able to send a meet-up request you must first connect to the associate by sending a meet request. The associate must have also registered for MeetWeUp , only those registered for MeetWeUp can use the app to meet-up.

The meet-up request can only be sent to associates in your phonebook contact list. The associate must accept the request after which MeetWeUp allows you to send a meet-up request.

For each meet-up request you get the meeting point which you are able to view in google map. The associate who is at the meeting point or the host will also be able to view your current location relative to the meeting point.

MeetWeUp gives you control on who to connect and meet up with. You can reject a MeetWeUp connection request, you can block and unblock an existing connection from sending you meetup request. All your MeetWeUp activities are stored in your handset for future references i.e the list of your connections under the tab MEETERS, your meeting point requests under tab MEETPOINTS and received direction requests under YOURMEETS.

You must have the following installed on your phone for MeetWeUp to work properly. MeetWeUp will ask you to download or enable during installation in case missing.

Google play services.
Android version 7+

MeetWeUp enables you to meet-up with your associates by giving you direction to the exact meeting point.


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