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Brain through the introduction of full-VR mode browser - look at VR

- a virtual reality VR tailored for the web browser
- a wanton surfing in the cabin VR super sci-fi world browser
- one can see five tabs at the same time, to meet the multi-channel browser experience
- a truly browser VR covers all resources on the web

"VR what ", a convenient entrance VR experience, something you never thought private surfing experience, do not want to go out a VR world
so many VR player, resource update speed priority, only about VR can make a big screen experience all resources on the network

numerous world, not as good as VR what?

The main function Description
1, multi-task management: can simultaneously browse multiple Web content, tab switching and displaying a perfect fit Asian perspective.
2, custom screen distance: the freedom to choose better browser viewing angle
3, sci-fi style virtual scene: allows users to have a more immersive experience, create a new browsing experience VR world
4, gazing mode and headphone volume key diverse operation
5, online massive 2D / panoramic video viewing, multi-mode switch