Ludo APK

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At the bottom have a link to become a beta tester.

• You can save / load the game.
• You can play against friends and / or CPU (only one device)
• You can vary the speed of the die and chips.
• Option for automatic movements.
• Show statistics progress of each player, dice thrown, chips meals ...
• Score based on progress, no releases given chips meals, etc ...
• Option to display destination tabs.
• Selection Board for 3,4,5 or 6 players.
• Variations of the game.
• Play team (with the possibility also to move chips jug of our team).
• Set the number of chips to play with (1-8).

★ Permits
- View network connections and full network access: In order to display advertising.
- control vibrator: to throw the dice by shaking your device.
- Test access to protected storage: avoid problems reading the SD boards.

★ Panels
For those who may have difficulty using additional boards or convenience, you can use the application? Parcheesi boards? to install them easily. Remember that you can modify and play with your custom board.


★ Why are there different difficulties? Is the die should not take random numbers always?
The difficulty level has nothing to do with how to generate the values ​​of the dice. The die is cast in the same way for all players and all use the same IA.
The AI ​​is a succession of situations, as soon as one is satisfied, the CPU decides to move the tab.
Before moving the tab, depending on the difficulty, the CPU decides whether the IA case. * CPU AI will ignore 50% of the time and CPU ** 75%. If not, it will look at the following situation and will consider whether or not ignore. That is, the intelligence of the CPU is set depending on whether more or less makes the case of AI, not whether to remove a given value determined.

★ The CPU takes out the numbers you need to kill.
The AI ​​attempts to move the pieces so that it is more likely to kill enemies and / or is less threatened by them.
Activating the Cheat option you can see the dice that will be released in subsequent turns. The CPU can not get the right given to kill since they do not know what tab will move.

★ The CPU always kills if we throw.
You can see that is not true in the statistics. On the screen? Odds ?, eating chips right percentages tell us how many times than a player / CPU has shot someone has killed. If true, that percentage would be 100%.

★ The dice are not random. Loading a game releases are repeated.
Internally the dice are rolled to the following five turns if activate the Cheat option and should be displayed. Are stored when recording or minimize the game, so that the load a game the following five pitches are repeated. Not that launches established a priori to favor the machine.

★ Whatsoever still think cheating.
Use Cheat option: use preset series given ?. Thus, before the start of the game are randomly generated dice each player will draw. You can change the series by pressing a button. Then sets which player will use every color so you can see that is not generated based on the established players.
So you can not have doubts that the game takes the dice that benefit you in every situation as they are previously defined. Remember to disable this option or generate new series to prevent recurrence dice each game.